Interrogating the Links between Genetics and Psychiatric Disorders with High Throughput Assays

The conversion of genomic data into actionable knowledge is imperative to develop advanced molecular techniques, diagnostics, and therapeutics aimed at ultimately improving lives. As such, many investigators are turning their attention to massively parallel reporter assays (MPRAs), a technique employed to interrogate the activity of multiple candidate genetic regulatory elements. MPRA’s apply the elements of a traditional reporter assay, albeit at a massive scale, allowing researchers to study several thousand different genetic regulatory aspects at once and often in a single cell. In this GENcast, our distinguished guest Dr. Joseph Dougherty will dive into how his laboratory utilizes tools like MPRAs to better understand the genetic and cellular underpinnings of normal behavior and psychiatric disorders, like autism and depression. Take a listen!


Joseph Dougherty, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Washington University School of Medicine
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