Critical Biospecimens 2023 Edition

How to Source, Optimize, and Utilize in Drug and Diagnostic Research

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Critical Biospecimens 2023 Edition

Biospecimens, and the data generated from them, remain the cornerstone of all therapeutic and diagnostic research and development. Several recent innovations have enabled researchers to gain even greater benefit from the use of biospecimens in disease research.

These innovations include advances in biomarker screening technologies and novel cell technologies like liquid biopsy, cell isolation, and immune cell phenotyping, as well as enhanced approaches to analysis, such as machine learning.

In this eBook, we present leading-edge developments in biobanking—from a novel means of measuring biomolecule stability to innovative sample tracking and measurement solutions—advances that should help researchers optimize biospecimen usage as research and development programs progress. We also take an in-depth look into the time and cost-savings that result from having simultaneous access to a vast tissue biorepository and multiple immunohistochemistry (IHC) labs, each housing the three industry-leading platforms. We explore the Biospecimen Solutions group at Precision for Medicine, a global CRO, and the multiple ways the group enables researchers to extract the full potential of biospecimens; harnessing 30 years of expertise—unique in the industry—Precision combines real-time patient access, deep data annotation, and convenient access to a network of specialty labs. Precision for Medicine also answers the call for stem cells, chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells, natural killer (NK) cells, and even custom leukopaks—the tools scientists need to fuel discovery through translation.

The demand for complex, well-curated biospecimens is increasing. Researchers who understand how to develop and implement a biospecimen plan that maximizes the generation of highquality, actionable data can make more informed decisions and accelerate their programs.


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