Compact Imaging Solution

Shimadzu Corporation announced the release of the world’s smallest MALDI-TOF imaging solution, available as an option on the benchtop MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry series: the MALDI-8020 for positive ion analysis and the MALDI-8030, which features a dual-polarity ion source. The Benchtop MALDI-TOF Imaging Starter Kit is a package to complement existing and new users of the MALDI-8020 or MALDI-8030. The kit was designed for users who need to begin imaging experiments on their MALDI-8020 or MALDI-8030 system, including custom ITO-coated glass slides, a new custom glass slide holder, metal slides for those who prefer a reusable slide option, a mask to facilitate sample mounting and to shield regions of the glass slide during matrix deposition, a carrier to aid optical scanning, the MALDI Solutions™ Imaging license for enabling the MALDI Imaging acquisition wizard, and the IonView™ imaging viewing software.


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