Royal Philips and the Westchester Medical Center Health Network launched WMCHealth’s new precision medicine initiative for personalized cancer treatment, which will use Philips’ IntelliSpace Genomics solution to integrate large-scale genomic analysis with extensive patient clinical data.

WMCHealth leverages Philips IntelliSpace Genomics solution to combine output from next-generation sequencing (NGS) with clinical data and advanced information sharing with the goal of providing a comprehensive patient view for precision-tailored treatment. With base operations at its flagship Westchester Medical Center, the WMCHealth precision medicine initiative will be available to all hospitals in the WMCHealth Network as well as other facilities in the Hudson Valley and beyond. 

“Philips’ IntelliSpace Genomics solution is a configurable, scalable, and secure health informatics solution across hospitals for delivering real-time, actionable diagnostic information to physicians and specialists for therapy planning at the point of care,” said Louis Culot, general manager of Philips Genomics.

 “The new `Philips IntelliSpace Genomics’ collaborative platform enables physicians to answer key clinical questions by leveraging the best clinical expertise and algorithmic power in integrated workflows. It seamlessly brings data from multiple sources, including raw sequencing data, up-to-date in silico genomic databases, clinical data and knowledge databases, longitudinal patient records, medical images, and pathology data, among others.”

 “Our team at WMCHealth sees and treats the most complex cancer cases. Our new precision medicine platform for oncology is designed to leverage all available sources of critical information to help make the most informed decisions about each patient’s care,” noted John Fallon, M.D., Ph.D., director, department of clinical pathology, Westchester Medical Center, and chairman of pathology, New York Medical College “WMCHealth’s new cancer diagnostic program gives us greater capabilities to test and validate clinical planning, through the fusion of highly specific and individualized patient information with massive and growing genomic knowledge of cancer.”

According to Dr. Fallon the Philips IntelliSpace Genomics solution is a foundation for designing possible therapy plans in a digital framework, such as how to match a tumor’s genotype with a potential drug for the best outcome, for example, or matching patients with clinical trials. “This is a powerful tool to help improve outcomes through precision medicine,” he added, pointing out that genomics project is part of a larger investment by WMCHealth into groundbreaking diagnostic and treatment capabilities, including WMCHealth’s new cellular & tissue engineering laboratory, home to technology that facilitates cellular therapy under investigational new drug applications in support of treatments for a variety of hematological and oncological disorders and diseases.

The IntelliSpace Genomics solution can be configured to define new workflows, create new pipelines, or integrate new sources of data as required, and can be used for collaborative clinical analysis and sharing across multiple hospitals and their affiliates, either on-site or in the cloud, added Dr. Fallon.

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