VGXI, a CDMO of nucleic acid biopharmaceuticals, including gene therapies, DNA vaccines, and RNA medicines, celebrated the official grand opening of its new headquarters and manufacturing facility located at Deison Technology Park in Conroe, TX.

“VGXI’s clients and collaborators are developing the next generation of gene therapies and vaccines,” said CEO Young Park. “This new VGXI headquarters is purpose-built to leverage the company’s existing expertise in DNA and RNA manufacturing and greatly expand our capacity to support growing industry demands.”

VGXI has operated as a CDMO since 2003. With expanded capabilities offered by the 120,000 square-foot Conroe facility, the company is now booking 2023 GMP manufacturing slots at fermentation scales from 10L to 1500L across multiple independent manufacturing trains, according to Park. Dedicated areas are also available for personalized immunotherapy indications and GMP mRNA production.

The company has manufactured DNA products under cGMP conditions for clinical trials in the U.S., EU, Asia, Canada, and Australia, and its cGMP and non-GMP products have passed reviews by several international regulatory agencies, added Park. VGXI is a GeneOne company, which has headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.

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