Facility will produce a particular type of rice to extract proteins to be used in treating childhood diarrhea.
Ventria Bioscience and Kansas state officials inked an agreement to bring a bioprocessing facility for plant-made pharmaceuticals to Junction City.

The facility will process a variety of rice developed by Ventria. Proteins extracted from the rice will be incorporated into oral rehydration solutions to address childhood diarrhea. Ventria is also developing other products using these proteins.

“The bioprocessing facility is an exciting opportunity for new jobs in Junction City and is expected to contribute $40 million to the Kansas economy by the time it is fully operational,” points out Junction City Mayor, Terry Heldstab.

Farmers are expected to be among the project’s major beneficiaries, as those who grow the rice that supplies the facility can earn a premium compared to their next most lucrative crop, comments Kansas agriculture secretary Adrian Polansky.

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