Rights to Millennium’s patents covering the GPVI target gives firm broader control.

Millennium Pharmaceuticals granted Trigen rights in relation to patents covering GPVI, a target receptor in regulating platelet adhesion during thrombosis.

Trigen believes that this target has the potential to yield new therapies for the management of arterial thrombosis and associated pathologies. “The agreement we have signed provides us with very broad control of the GPVI target and its therapeutic applications,” points out Oliver Boucher, vp of commercial development at Trigen.

The company explains that GPVI modulators have the potential to prevent arterial thrombosis during acute coronary syndromes more effectively than existing agents by acting earlier in the platelet activation process and may therefore represent a new generation of antithrombotic agents.

Trigen has a range of GPVI-related programs, including its lesion-specific antithrombotic agent, PR-15. “Obtaining a license to these patents from Millennium cements our dominant position in what we believe is a very promising area of cardiovascular research,” states Sanjay Kakkar, Trigen’s CEO.

Under the exclusive worldwide license agreement Trigen gained development and commercialization rights related to the GPVI  target. Millennium will thus receive upfront payments, development and regulatory milestones, and sales royalties on future products covered by the acquired intellectual property.

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