January 1, 1970 (Vol. , No. )

Eric S. S. Langer President and Managing Partner BioPlan Associates

It’s time you shared your valuable opinions: Yes–doing surveys is a pain. So there’d better be a darn good reason. Here’s one with 7 good reasons where both the industry and participants benefit: the 9th Annual Report and Survey of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing. Here’s why:

1) Study questions are relevant, ‘real-world’; developed by a non-profit global panel of industry experts—The Biotechnology Industry Council™, a group of 270 biomanufacturers provide subject matter expertise, and submit, a set of the industry’s most urgent questions and issues.

2) Few comprehensive, quantitative analyses of this industry exist—The Annual Report includes responses from 350 – 450 biomanufacturers annually. Plus 180-200 vendors also participate.

3) Trends over time present a compelling story—Biopharma trends over 9 years describe changes over time, and correlate with real-world trends and experiences. A compelling picture of the industry’s strengths and future direction.

4) Participants Get Trend Data First, and Free—Respondents get free summaries of current data, aggregated from participants in over 30 countries. Data are accurate, and valid.

5) Participants See the Most Urgent Issues—The study questions alone show what is most important to industry thought-leaders.

6) Contributing to Industry Benchmarking—Perhaps most important, you’re contributing to benchmarking of current issues:

a. Budget trends

b. New technologies developed by suppliers

c. New technologies demanded by end-users

d. Hiring trends

e. Outsourcing & offshoring effect on current jobs

f. Productivity and layoffs

g. Impact of biosimilars

h. Capacity bottlenecks from downstream production

i. Quality management processes

j. New technology adoption rates, for bioreactors, single-use systems, alternatives to Protein-A, and many others

7) Contributing to Global Health—Participants not only receive a summary of the study, but also a $10 donation on their behalf to global health charities—up to $10,000.

Paste the link below to a browser: TO PARTICIPATE & FOR YOUR FREE SUMMARY


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