Firms will produce custom synthetic double-stranded nucleic acids up to 5 kb.

Synthetic Genomics and Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) are combining their expertise through an agreement to manufacture, commercialize, and market small synthetic gene products. The collaboration will combine IDT’s custom oligo manufacturing capabilities, including its recently released gBlocks gene fragment products, with Synthetic’s technologies for assembling small gene constructs, to produce custom synthetic double-stranded nucleic acids up to 5 kb in length.

“Through this collaboration we plan to apply Synthetic Genomics’ cutting-edge technologies to create more affordable, efficient gene synthesis products that can be delivered more quickly to the synthetic biology community,” states Joe Walder, Ph.D., IDT’s founder and CEO.

IDT is specialized in the manufacture of custom nucleic acids for the academic, biotech, clinical diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals industries. The firm’s primary business is the manufacture of custom primers, probes, and genes for research and diagnostic applications.

Founded in 2005 and headed by J. Craig Venter, Ph.D., SGI is exploiting genomic technologies in diverse fields including environmental genomics, microbiology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, plant genomics, genome engineering, synthetic biology, and climate change. Key ongoing collaborations include an algal biofuels alliance with Exxon Mobil, a microbial-enhanced hydrocarbon recovery and conversion program with BP, and projects focused on clean water and improved food and nutritional products.

Synthetic Genomic Vaccines, a company co-founded by SGI and the J. Craig Venter Institute, is separately engaged in the development of synthetically derived vaccines. In October 2011 SGI and Mexico-based investment and management company Plenu established Agradis, to focus on the development of sustainable crops and agriculture products. 

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