Within the framework of FLUPAN, a collaborative research project funded by the European Commission, sanofi pasteur generated the first clinical trial lot of a new generation of H7N1 pandemic vaccine. This trial will broaden sanofi pasteur’s pandemic preparedness program initiated with the development of H5N1 vaccines, says the company.

The H7N1 vaccine was produced at sanofi pasteur’s Marcy l’Etoile facility in France using Crucell’s PER.C6® cell-based technology. The Phase I trial, which just began in Bergen, Norway, is the first to assess the safety and ability to generate an immune response of a split, inactivated prototype pandemic H7N1 vaccine produced on cells.

Two influenza subtypes, H5 and H7, have recently caused highly pathogenic avian influenza. While most vaccine development has focused on H5N1 strains, many consider avian H7-containing viruses a significant pandemic threat, which has caused infections in humans in Europe over the last three years.

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