Seattle-based Sana Biotechnology signed a lease agreement to develop a 163,000 ft2 manufacturing facility in Fremont, CA. The facility will support the manufacture of Sana’s late-stage clinical development and early commercial product candidates across the multiple technologies in Sana’s pipeline, according to Steve Harr, MD, president and CEO.

“Manufacturing remains a key bottleneck to the development and broad accessibility of cell- and gene-based medicines. This facility is a key component in enabling our aspirations to rapidly innovate, consistently manufacture, and scale production of these medicines,” said Harr. “Sana is making significant investments to create the scientific insights, supply chain stability, and operational capabilities to transform the potentially disruptive scientific insights of the cell and gene therapy field into important medicines for patients.”

The facility will be designed to provide manufacturing capabilities across Sana’s portfolio, including allogeneic T cell, viral vector, and pluripotent stem cell production. The Fremont location allows access to a strong biotechnology talent base. Sana, which is focused on creating and delivering engineered cells as medicines for patients, also intends to work with contract manufacturing partners to advance its product candidates to the clinic as early as next year.

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