Philogen entered into a license agreement with Pfizer to develop and commercialize empowered antibodies. According to Philogen, the validated antibodies have precise specificity in diseases characterized by angiogenesis.

Pfizer has exclusive rights to develop certain (antibody-drug conjugates) ADCs and guided nanoparticles. The pharma giant is responsible for R&D and potential commercialization of candidate molecules.

The partnership expands on an existing relationship between the companies from January 2013 when Pfizer obtained rights to Dekavil, an investigational therapy for autoimmune diseases, from Philogen as part of a global license agreement.

“This new initiative combines Philogen’s validated antibodies with Pfizer’s extensive chemistry and clinical capabilities, and aims to accelerate the potential development of novel antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) into the clinic,” said Dr. Duccio Neri, Philogen’s CEO.

‘’This agreement with Philogen reflects Pfizer’s commitment to partnerships that advance ADC technology in ways that have the potential to accelerate the delivery of innovative new medicines to cancer patients,” said Robert Abraham, Ph.D., senior vice president and CSO, Oncology Research Unit, Pfizer.

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