PerkinElmer reports that it will now be able to deploy ELN solutions across the entire value chain.

PerkinElmer has acquired Labtronics, an Ontario-based company that provides procedure-based electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) solutions for laboratories performing routine analysis in multiple industries.

The addition of Labtronics’ solutions extends PerkinElmer’s ELN and data-integration software offerings into laboratories following strict routine procedures such as regulated and nonregulated QA/QC, late-stage product or method development laboratories, and environmental and food testing labs. Labtronics’ tools can be applied to any procedure-based problem including laboratory analysis, equipment calibration and validation, and cleaning validation, notes PerkinElmer.

Founded in 1986, Labtronics’ products include its Nexxis ELN for quality control and R&D and its Nexxis iLAB laboratory automation platform. Labtronics’ LimsLink fully configurable lab integration software platform speeds deployment of new informatics systems and enhances the capabilities of existing system investments.

“We welcome the addition of Labtronics to PerkinElmer’s growing portfolio of informatics and software solutions for laboratory environments, as we enhance the company’s strategic focus on enterprise-wide knowledge sharing and access,” says Dusty Tenney, president, analytical sciences and laboratory services, PerkinElmer. “This acquisition successfully positions PerkinElmer as the only technology provider able to deploy an optimized ELN solution across a global customer’s entire value chain, from research to manufacturing.

“The acquisition presents strong synergies with our OneSource® Laboratory Services portfolio providing enterprise-level solutions that foster long-term partnerships with customers,” Tenney adds.

The Labtronics acquisition follows the purchase of informatics companies CambridgeSoft and ArtusLabs by PerkinElmer in March for $220 million and of cloud-based analysis firm Geospiza earlier this month. CambridgeSoft and ArtusLabs anticipate combined revenues of about $65 million, according to PerkinElmer, which finished 2010 with about $1.7 billion in revenue.

CambridgeSoft provides discovery, collaboration, and knowledge enterprise solutions as well as scientific databases and professional services. ArtusLabs provides Web 2.0 enabled software solutions. Its flagship product, Ensemble, combines social networking, collaboration, and refined scientific data mining. Geospiza was bought for its GeneSifter® software, used for next-generation sequence analysis, and LIMS.

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