Decision was driven by clinical development needs and a demand for services.

OctoPlus has begun construction work to more than double its facilities. “The expansion is necessary to support clinical development for the company’s own products and to facilitate the growing demand for the company’s services,” says Joost Holthuis, CEO.

The company’s existing facilities comprise offices, laboratories, and a GMP manufacturing plant that produces clinical-scale GMP batches for the development of OctoPlus’ own products and for its formulation development customers.

The new facilities will bring the current 2,800-sq-m building to a combined total of 6,300-sq-m. The company plans to move into the building toward the end of 2007.

The building will be constructed and owned by Fortress Participations, which will lease it to OctoPlus, which, in turn, will invest in research equipment and GMP production equipment to operate the facilities. It will be located adjacent to OctoPlus’ headquarters in the Bio Science Park in Leiden, The Netherlands.

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