Firms will use Jubilant’s drug discovery platform to identify potential targets and develop preclinical candidates.

Specialty pharma firm Norgine and Jubilant Biosys inked an initially three-year target discovery partnership to identify multiple targets against gastrointestinal diseases. The collaboration will generate a platform for Norgine to identify targets using Jubilant’s drug discovery platform. The latter will then develop preclinical candidates, to which Norgine will have all development and commercialization rights.

Jubilant is a subisidary of Jubilant Life Sciences. The firm specializes in offering integrated discovery services to the global pharma and biotech industry. Operating an integrated discovery research facility, the firm has expertise in fields including discovery biology, medicinal chemistry, structural biology, ADME/Tox/pharmacology, molecular modeling, and IT. The firm’s Clinsys operation also provides global or regional clinical research activities spanning Phase I-IV trials, clinical data management, and biostatistics.

Netherlands-based Norgine is developing a portfolio of internal development projects focused on gastroenterology, hepatology, and incontinence, but also offers development and commercialization partnerships for pharmaceuticals across Europe. In August the firm signed a development partnership with Alimentary Health (AH) to evaluate AH’s probiotic platform for potential development as a treatment for gastrointestinal disorders. 

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