Company will develop and manufacture consumables for Lfire.

Sony DADC BioSciences and Maven Biotechnologies entered a collaboration to develop and manufacture smart consumables for Maven’s Lfire™ detection platform. Lfire (label-free internal reflection ellipsometry) is a real-time imaging technology for performing cell-based assays and multiplexed biomarker detection.

“The collaboration with Maven provides a perfect example of how we can translate our experience in micro-structured engineering, gained through our pioneering optical disc work, to the needs of the life sciences industry,” says Ali Tinazli, Ph.D., director of business development and sales North America of Sony DADC.

“We are particularly pleased to work with Maven at such an early stage, which ensures solutions that will be scalable and traceable, to smooth the way to future regulatory approvals in the clinical space,” Dr. Tinazli continues. “The product is an advanced polymer slide that can be produced in mass quantities and still guarantee high optical quality.”

Claudia Lee, Ph.D., head of biophysics R&D at Maven, adds, “The high quality molding and optical coating expertise provided by Sony DADC is essential to the realization of the Maven consumable. Furthermore, the complimentary interaction with their engineering experts has stimulated innovative technology development at Maven.”

Sony DADC has built upon its expertise in high-precision manufacturing, mass production, and supply chain to form Sony DADC’s BioSciences. This division partners with life science firms for the industrial manufacturing of smart consumables.

Since November 2010, Sony DADC BioSciences has inked three new life science deals and this June reported the culmination of a multiyear arrangement with RainDance Technologies. RainDance announced the commercial release of its HeatWave™ chip, the first microdroplet-based consumable developed using the Sony DADC Optical Disc technology for high-precision and high-volume manufacturing.

A month later Quanterix signed Sony DADC BioSciences on to develop and manufacture consumables for use in in vitro diagnostics being developed on its single molecule array (SiMoA™) technology. Most recently, this November, Sony joined with Anagnostics to produce smart consumables components for the company’s hybcell tests, cylindrical microarrays that are being used on Anagnostics’ hyborg platform.

In November 2010, Caliper Life Sciences inked a deal with Sony DADC for its microfluidics products. Caliper and Sony have co-developed consumables for the LabChip XT system, Caliper’s automated nucleic acid fractionation instrument for next-generation sequencing applications.

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