Boulder Diagnostics reported the European market launch of the CE marked SpiroFind in vitro diagnostic test for the detection of active Lyme Borreliosis. The test is offered as a diagnostic service by the company’s clinical diagnostic service laboratory in Mellrichstadt, Germany.

The SpiroFind assay queries the exposure of the immune system to Borrelia organisms. Such exposure is stored in the immune system for an extended time, making the SpiroFind method particularly suited to identify chronic Lyme disease infections, Boulder claims. The firm says SpiroFind test can differentiate between active and past infection, and can detect active Lyme Borreliosis through all stages of disease.

“The SpiroFind test is the first method to query the trained immunity to Borrelia infection as a signal for active disease,” comments Wolfgang Pieken, Ph.D., CEO of Boulder Diagnostics.

Boulder Diagnostics is an in vitro diagnostics company that focuses on identifying, developing, and marketing new diagnostic technologies for underserved markets. The firm is partnering with the Department of Internal Medicine, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center (RUNMC) in The Netherlands for the development of the SpiroFind assays. In addition to Lyme disease diagnostics, Boulder currently offers the ParaFlor™ line of reagents for the rapid and specific detection of parasitic disease.

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