Life Technologies and Douglas Scientific signed a collaboration through which the firms will optimize the latter’s Array Tape™ platform with Life’s Taqman® chemistry for high-throughput genotyping applications. Array Tape is a microplate replacement designed as a continuous polypropylene strip embossed with reaction wells in customized volumes and formats including 96- and 384-well arrays, which effectively provides 76,800 reaction wells on a single compact reel. The firms say combining Array Tape with Taqman will allow researchers to generate hundreds of thousands of genotyping data points per day.

“The high-throughput capacity of the Array Tape system is highly complementary to our real-time PCR portfolio, and in particular, our TaqMan Assays,” states Chris Linthwaite, head of genetic analysis at Life Tech. “Customers around the world can now leverage a complete solution for high-throughput genotyping—from sample prep to TaqMan Assays and the Array Tape system.”

Alongside the Array Tape consumables Douglas Scientific also offers the Nexar® liquid-handling system, Soellex® thermal cycler, and Araya® inline fluorescent detection instrumentation to enable a continuous reel to reel process. The modular inline platform effectively offers the flexibility of microplate-based technology while virtually eliminating manual handling and complex robotics. Indexing holes along the edge of Array Tape position and continuously feed reaction wells through the Nexar and Araya. Each 96- or 384-well array is barcoded to ensure accurate identification of individual samples during and after processing.

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