Karolinska Development entered into an agreement with Mayo Clinic with the aim of identifying commercialization opportunities in Mayo’s life science innovations that will improve patient care. Through this agreement, Karolinska Development will evaluate innovations from Mayo Clinic. The collaboration will increase the possibilities for life science investments in differentiated scientific innovations. Investments in commercially-interesting innovations may then be made by both parties, jointly or independently. Revenue that Mayo receives from such investments will be used to support Mayo’s education and research endeavors.

Mayo Clinic’s recent collaborations include teaming up with Silicon Valley Biosystems (SV Bio) in January. The partners are focusing on whole genome diagnostics at the Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine and at Mayo Medical Laboratories. SV Bio will provide clinical genome interpretation services and clinical decision support interfaces to Mayo Clinic, and Mayo’s Center for Individualized Medicine will contribute clinical and laboratory expertise and support. The goal of the collaboration is to unlock the full potential of next-generation sequencing and open these technologies to every patient.

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