Therapy could help protect the body from radiation damage and help repair damage once it has occurred.

Inologic was awarded an approximately $1.07-million government contract toward its development of radioprotective agents as countermeasures against nuclear attack or accident.

“This contract will enable us to work on discovering a drug that is safe and cost-effective and, most importantly, can be used prior to or after exposure to radiation,” explain Beatrice Langton-Webster, CEO of Inologic. “We believe this drug could have significant impact in providing first responders, the public, and the military with a needed measure of safety and security.”

The award came from the Uniformed Services University in conjunction with the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute and the Department of Defense. It will aid work on a radioprotective drug that could either act before radiation exposure to protect the body from radiation damage or act as a type of “morning after” drug and would help repair damage.

Of particular interest to the Department of Defense is the potential ability of the drug to protect U.S. troops from the ever-changing hazards they face. The drug could also be used to protect or treat the public if exposed to radioactive material.

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