Collaboration seeks lead, preclinical, and clinical compounds.

Schering-Plough has selected HUYA Bioscience to identify on an exclusive basis lead, preclinical, and clinical drug candidates in specific therapeutic areas that originate in China. Schering-Plough will have access to HUYA’s Chinese bioscience network comprising universities, government research institutions, and bioparks.

HUYA has exclusive arrangements with a number of these organizations for access to compounds and biologics in a variety of indications. The company reports that it is currently evaluating and following the progress of more than 500 drug development candidates.

HUYA’s model typically works by identifying and licensing promising preclinical and clinical compounds in China. Such an exchange of expertise and data is intended to lower risk and facilitate rapid and efficient clinical development in China and the West, according to the firm. HUYA’s Chinese partners retain development and marketing rights in that country.

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