AFFiRiS could make $523.5 million in success-based fees.

GlaxoSmithKline may have ended its partnership with Exelixis today one compound short of what it originally wanted but it has acquired the exclusive rights to AFFiRiS’ Alzheimer’s vaccine program for E22.5 million, or almost $29 million. GSK may wind up paying about $523.5 million in milestone fees in the event of full commercial success of multiple vaccines.

GSK has gained rights to develop and commercialize two Alzheimer’s disease vaccine candidates that are based on the AFFiTOPE technology and are currently in Phase I trials. AFFiRiS also granted GSK an exclusive option to develop and commercialize alternative Alzheimer’s disease vaccine candidates that are in preclinical development.

The AFFiTOPE platform allows the design of proteins with specific binding characteristics that are suited for the development of vaccines against disease-causing rogue human proteins such as beta-amyloid, which is central to the pathology of Alzheimer’s disease.

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