Agreements cover pharmacological characterization and target validation using Genfit’s SNuRM platform.

Genfit renewed its drug discovery alliances with sanofi-aventis and Solvay. It has extended its agreement with sanofi-aventis for two years, or until December 2008. This marks the third expansion of the deal, initially formed in 1999 when Genfit was established.

The companies have been working on several projects, particularly pharmacological characterization and the selection of sanofi-aventis’ best drug candidates to act on an innovative target involved in metabolic and inflammatory mechanisms. They have also been collaborating on the launch of a new program based on a new targets involved in inflammatory diseases.

Genfit receives annual payments for R&D and has reached milestones in its clinical development. Genfit will collect royalties in case of the sale of such drugs.

The alliance with Solvay has been renewed for a three-year period, up to December 2009. Genfit will pursue the collaboration on the compounds selected from their previous collaboration.

First-in-class products are currently in preclinical development at Solvay. These compounds are expected to enter Phase I assays in the coming months. The agreement also includes a new program concerning the validation of a new target and selection of additional development candidates.

Genfit collects yearly R&D payments and milestones as well as royalties in the case of sale. The initial objective of this industrial collaboration targets the identification and development of new SNuRMs (selective nuclear receptor modulators) playing a key role in the metabolism of lipoproteins and the formation of atherosclerosis.


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