FlexiPlate siRNA promises cost savings and quicker screening of more targets.

Qiagen reports the launch of the first siRNA sets for whole mouse genome, FlexiPlate siRNA. “The new FlexiPlate siRNA product line provides a dramatic step forward for research applying RNAi,” says Bettina Haedrich, global product manager RNAi at Qiagen. “Most researchers know the problem of having too much siRNA or too many siRNAs for their experiments.” Dr. Haedrich adds that with FlexiPlate siRNAs, customers have an effective tool to make their RNA screening more flexible, economical, and convenient.”

Qiagen’s FlexiPlate siRNA allows users to determine not only the exact RNAi assay but also exactly the amount of siRNAs needed for their individual requirements. This results in significant cost savings in RNAi projects, according to Qiagen.

Efficient processing allows screening of more targets, hence more RNAi projects can be completed. In high-throughput RNAi-based screening, Qiagen expects Flexiplate to lead to faster, less expensive, and more specific research. In low-throughput RNAi, FlexiPlate allows customers to quantify the number of RNAi assays needed, leading to the ability to use seven times as many assays when compared to unquantified offerings, Qiagen adds.

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