Apexigen will use Epitomics’ technologies in the fields of cancer and immune disorders.

Epitomics has spun out Apexigen, which will focus on humanized mAbs for cancer and immune disorders. The new company was formed with exclusive rights to develop and commercialize therapeutic antibodies derived from Epitomics’ RabMAb® (rabbit mAb) technology and the Mutational Lineage Guided (MLG) humanization technology. Both platforms were developed by Epitomics for the treatment of human and animal diseases.

A service agreement between Epitomics and Apexigen allows the latter immediate access to the antibody generation, screening infrastructure, and technical expertise of Epitomics. The company will assume development and commercialization of  programs initiated by Epitomics, including humanized antibodies against VEGF and TNF.

“We believe that an independent company with experience, expertise, and focused pharmaceutical product development offers the best opportunity to see technology developed at Epitomics have a direct therapeutic impact on peoples’ lives,” says Guo-Liang Yu, president and CEO of Epitomics.

“Epitomics will continue to focus on its core business and assist Apexigen as it develops therapeutics to treat serious diseases,” Dr. Yu says. Epitomics is dedicated to developing mAb technology for research and diagnostic applications.

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