DiObex’ candidate for the prevention of insulin-induced hypoglycemia in diabetics will be assessed with Camurus’ delivery platform.

DiObex will evaluate Camurus’ delivery technology for its diabetes-related drug. The license agreement will couple DIO-901, an extended-release formulation of low-dose glucagon for the prevention of insulin-induced hypoglycemia in diabetics, with FluidCrystal®, which has a nanoscale-matrice structure.

DiObex reports that it has successfully completed three Phase I studies using low-dose glucagon infusions in type 1 diabetic patients. The DIO-901 FluidCrystal extended-release formulation is scheduled to enter clinical trials in the second half of this year.

Terms of the agreement include a signing fee, development milestones, future royalties on product sales, and a share of any potential DiObex sublicensing revenues.

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