Cancer Therapeutics will conduct and fund further advancement of Cytopia’s kinase enzyme target.

Cytopia signed an anticancer drug discovery and development collaboration with Cancer Therapeutics wherein Cytopia will leverage its early-stage drug discovery pipeline of kinase inhibitors.

Cytopia will retain commercialization rights for any drug candidates delivered by the collaboration. In the case that Cytopia opts out of commercialization, Cancer Therapeutics may proceed with commercialization activities. Cancer Therapeutics and Cytopia will share in any partnering revenues as well as royalty payments from a marketed drug once all milestones to registration are successfully achieved.

Under the terms of the agreement, Cytopia will out-license specific proprietary technology to Cancer Therapeutics for an undisclosed kinase enzyme target with potential for treating metastatic cancers. Additionally, Cancer Therapeutics will conduct and fund further development of Cytopia’s early compounds towards a preclinical candidate for at least two years.

“Cytopia’s drug discovery engine has generated many opportunities for novel cancer therapies,” says Andrew Macdonald, CEO, “and this innovative partnership gives us the freedom to focus investment on our later stage pipeline while still allowing our very early pipeline to move forward.”

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