Officials at CCRM say they have partnered with Membio, a Canadian biotechnology company developing a 0.2–10 L benchtop single-use bioreactor system, to streamline production of viral vectors. This first collaboration of the two organizations will explore combining Membio’s bioreactor system with CCRM’s virus producing cell line.

Membio’s bioreactor is built for the next generation of biomanufacturing applications to make cells easier, cheaper, and faster to manufacture, says Shane Kilpatrick, CEO of Membio.

“Addressing the high cost of manufacturing cell and gene therapies is key to a future where transformative treatments can be afforded and adopted by health systems,” adds Michael May, president and CEO of CCRM. “CCRM is pleased to work with Membio to drive efficiency in manufacturing processes for our—and subsidiary OmniaBio’s—customers, and ultimately increase the accessibility of life-saving medicines.”

According to Kilpatrick, the proprietary design of Membio’s fully closed and automated perfusion bioreactor mimics the human body’s circulation system to locally deliver nutrients to cells in a way that maintains a consistent environment across a useful range of reactor volumes. Thus, as the bioreactor volume increases, processes can be quickly and easily transferred between scales, thus reducing time spent on process development, notes Kilpatrick.

“Cell and gene therapies are revolutionary medicines that need to be manufactured efficiently in order to be accessible to all of the patients who could benefit from them,” he explains. “CCRM is the premier organization for manufacturing cell and gene therapies in Canada. We are thrilled to be working with such an experienced team to improve the manufacturing process of cell and gene therapies by leveraging our novel bioreactor system.”

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