Infinium HumanHap550 and iSelect will be used for lung and ovarian cancer research.

Cancer Research UK will fund two programs to uncover genetic factors linked to the development of lung and ovarian cancers. Both studies will initially use Illumina’s Infinium HumanHap550 Genotyping BeadChip followed by customized analysis using the company’s iSelect Genotyping BeadChip.

Illumina reports that this agreement marks the third and fourth projects to be conducted for Cancer Research UK by its FastTrack Genotyping Services team.

For the lung cancer study, over 2,000 samples will run on the HumanHap550 followed by 5,600 samples on an iSelect. The ovarian cancer research will also process over 2,000 samples using the HumanHap550 and 6,000 samples using an iSelect.

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