Amgen and Genentech have been synonymous with biotech. They long held the first two spots among biotechs based on market cap. In 2009, Roche, which already held 55.8% of Genentech, shelled out $46.8 billion to take over the rest of this biotech giant. That acquisition helped move Roche up to the number two spot among pharmas, but that meant Genentech was no longer second among biotechs. You can check out a list of the top 30 biotech companies by market cap by clicking here for intriguing biotech facts compiled for our 30th anniversary issue. Which of the current top three players do you think is being eyed by those in the pharma world?

Poll Question:
Which of the following, if any, is most likely to get scooped up by big pharma?


Gilead Sciences


None of Them

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