PerkinElmer and BioLegend entered an agreement that allows BioLegend to offer immunoassay development and bioanalytical testing based on PerkinElmer’s AlphaLISA® assay technology. Homogenous bead-based AlphaLISA comprises highly sensitive and quantitative assays with broader dynamic ranges than standard ELISAs, according to PerkinElmer.

Furthermore, the advantages of AlphaLISA technology allow for easy integration into automated high-throughput testing systems, the firm adds. “The future of high-throughput assays lies in an increased need for automation,” notes Brad Kraft, president of BioLegend.

“Many current immunological assay platforms have major drawbacks when it comes to meeting requirements for automation in the lab. We feel this collaboration with PerkinElmer is therefore a timely and highly promising advance that gives researchers greater understanding of basic disease biology and pathobiology, particularly when applied to biomarker assays.”

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