BIND Biosciences said today it launched a partnership with Amgen to develop and commercialize a kinase inhibitor nanomedicine for a range of solid tumors. The effort will use Amgen’s undisclosed kinase inhibitor as well as BIND’s platform for targeted and programmable nanomedicines to create therapeutics called Accurins™.

Amgen agreed to pay BIND up to $46.5 million in up-front and development milestone payments, and up to an additional $134 million in regulatory and sales milestone payments for the first therapeutic indication. BIND is eligible for additional payments, and will receive tiered royalties on potential future sales.

Amgen holds the exclusive right to develop and commercialize the Accurin kinase inhibitor against solid tumor targets that it will select. Amgen and BIND will work jointly on preclinical development, with Amgen responsible for future development and commercialization.

“BIND’s technology is well aligned with Amgen’s focus on the development of highly targeted and selective oncology therapeutics,” Joseph P. Miletich, M.D., Ph.D., Amgen’s senior vp of Research and Development, said in a statement.

BIND was launched in 2007 to develop nanomedicine technology from the laboratories of Robert Langer, Ph.D., MIT’s David H. Koch Institute Professor, and Omid Farokhzad, M.D., Harvard Medical School associate professor.

The company’s lead product candidate BIND-014, now in Phase I clinical testing, is designed to selectively target a surface protein upregulated in a broad range of solid tumors. BIND’s pipeline of novel Accurins are designed to treat cancer, inflammatory diseases, and cardiovascular disorders.

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