Partnership will make use of Amarantus’ PhenoGuard cell immortalization platform.

Amarantus BioSciences and Generex Biotechnology are inking a third diabetes research collaboration. The companies will use Amarantus’ PhenoGuard cell immortalization process to develop beta-cell replacement therapies.

Amarantus and Generex previously inked separate deals to develop the former’s anti-apoptosis therapeutic protein known as MANF and Generex’ buccal insulin spray technology called Oral-lyn™, currently in a Phase III trial. The most recent arrangement not only covers work on a cell replacement therapy but also a MANF-based diagnostic test. The test will be designed to identify a subpopulation of patients who are at risk of developing type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

“To date the Amarantus PhenoGuard technologies have been able to immortalize cells in a manner that maintains the phenotypic characteristics of the cells being immortalized,” says John Commissiong, CSO of Amarantus.

James Anderson, senior scientific advisor and director of Generex, adds, “The potential of Amarantus’ proprietary PhenoGuard cell immortalization process to create a stable source of representative beta cells that can be used in cell replacement therapy in patients who have lost virtually all beta cell function represents a potential major breakthrough for the treatment of chronic, late-stage diabetes.”

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