Affomix will use its Y2HExpress™ platform to find molecules with therapeutic and diagnostic potential.

KalGene Pharmaceuticals signed on Affomix to identify antibodies with potential diagnostic and therapeutic utility in breast cancer. Affomix will generate antibodies against several targets selected by KalGene using its Y2HExpress™ technology.

The goal is to find single-chain antibodies with increased throughput and specificity over conventional Y2H and alternative antibody selection methodologies. “Y2HExpress has the ability to select antibodies at an unprecedented level of specificity, combined with very favorable financial advantages,” says T. Nathan Yoganathan, Ph.D., president and CEO of KalGene.   

“Our automated high-throughput procedures allow us to quickly identify highly specific antibodies against predetermined regions of target proteins,” adds Michael Sherman, president of Affomix. “These antibodies are well suited for experimental use while serving as ideal starting points for development of diagnostic and therapeutic agents.”  

Affomix’ expertise lies in the antibody technology space, with high-throughput methodologies to select antibodies against unmodified as well as post-translationally modified proteins. The company hopes that these technologies will allow it to achieve its ultimate objective of generating the human Affome™, a comprehensive set of antibodies that can be used to detect and quantify all proteins in the human proteome. 

KalGene Pharmaceuticals is a private company focused on the development of oncology therapeutics and companion diagnostics. The company’s portfolio of oncology products is at various stages in development, from assay development to advanced clinical trials. Its pipeline currently includes products for breast cancer, epithelial and thyroid cancers, and bladder cancer. 

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