The university’s Mass Spectrometry Centre will help determine workflows and build software for new platform that AB Sciex plans to introduce this year.

AB Sciex is working with the University of Geneva’s Mass Spectrometry Centre to create new workflows and analytical strategies that improve drug discovery and development. This collaboration is focused on developing specific applications for use with a mass spectrometry (MS) system that combines both qualitative and quantitative analysis at high resolution and high sensitivity with accurate mass. AB Sciex says that it will launch this MS system later this year.

Currently marketed accurate-mass systems are limited to producing qualitative results, according to AB Sciex. These platforms cannot match the sensitivity and speed required for quantitative analysis.

The University of Geneva’s Mass Spectrometry Centre is applying this new AB Sciex’ technology for metabolite identification. Through their research they will assist AB Sciex in developing the workflows and software that will accelerate the adoption of the new platform within the pharmaceutical industry. The organizations’ partnership will help establish the step-by-step processes of analysis that will improve metabolism studies and generate more complete data.

“The ability to integrate qualitative and quantitative analysis within a single platform enables new and better ways to think about conducting experiments,” notes Gerard Hopfgartner, Ph.D., professor and scientist, University of Geneva’s Mass Spectrometry Centre. “By developing novel workflows to take advantage of the new platform, we will be able to better understand biological systems and improve the drug discovery process.”

AB Sciex was formerly the joint venture between Applied Biosystems and MDS Analytical. It was launched as a separate company on February 1.

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