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Brain-derived biomarkers of neurodegenerative diseases are important targets for new therapies. In the context of Alzheimer’s disease, scientists are exploring the use of protein biomarkers for early diagnosis, screening, prognosis prediction, and disease monitoring. But these markers are often present at very low concentrations in plasma or serum, much too low for most existing proteomics assays to detect and measure.

In this GEN webinar, Henrik Zetterberg, MD, PhD, an expert in Alzheimer’s disease, will discuss his efforts to discover and validate blood-based biomarkers for various CNS disorders. During his presentation, he will share data from his evaluation of the NULISA immunoassay platform’s ability to detect biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease from serum. You will also hear from Doug Hinerfeld, PhD, who will discuss the NULISA platform’s multiplex and protein marker detection capabilities in more depth.


During the presentation we offered a chance to pose questions to our expert panelists. Any questions submitted during the webinar will be answered at a later date.

Doug Hinerfeld
Doug Hinerfeld, PhD
Senior Director of Application Support
Alamar Biosciences
Henrik Zetterberg
Henrik Zetterberg, MD, PhD
Professor of Neurochemistry
University of Gothenburg