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Prof. Roger Pedersen, Stanford University, and Dr. Thomas Moreau,, will give an overview of the innovative history and recent developments in transcription factor-mediated cellular reprogramming and how first-of-its-kind precision reprogramming technology, opti-ox™, is transforming the consistency, efficiency, and scalability of human cell generation. 

Prof. Pedersen will discuss the paradigm shift realized by using transcription factor-mediated cell reprogramming to achieve changes in cell fate, highlighting its significance in cell biology research and potential therapeutic applications. He will explain the fundamental mechanisms of transcription factor-mediated cell reprogramming, drawing on examples from pivotal studies. 

Dr. Moreau will address the significant challenges of cellular reprogramming that have inspired the evolution of transcription factor code discovery platforms and opti-ox precision reprogramming technology. He will draw from published studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of precision cellular reprogramming and share data from transcriptome analysis of glutamatergic neurons and microglia to demonstrate their consistency and rapid maturity. Finally, Pedersen and Moreau will provide an insightful joint discussion that will delve into the future directions of transcription factor-mediated cellular reprogramming and potential applications in regenerative medicine. 

A live Q&A session followed the presentation, offering a chance to pose questions to our expert panelists.

Roger Pedersen
Roger Pedersen, PhD
Chief Scientific Advisor
Thomas Moreau
Thomas Moreau, PhD
Director of Cell Biology Research logo

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