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Following the landmark approval of the first CRISPR-based cell therapy in December 2023, the CRISPR community is looking ahead to the next wave of commercial successes, fueled by continued innovation in the development of new gene editing and delivery tools and technologies. Equally exciting advances are occurring in livestock editing, xenotransplantation, and many other specialties.

In The State of CRISPR and Gene Editing virtual summit, GEN proudly gathers a tantalizing line-up of luminaries from academia and industry to discuss the latest research developments, innovations, and advanced technologies that are expanding the CRISPR toolbox, delivering new therapies to patients and safeguarding our food supply.

Highlights of this summit include:

  • Episode 19 (April 26, 2024): The <i>GEN</i> editors celebrated DNA Day by sharing some stories about their favorite observations and applications of DNA research. This week’s Touching Base  podcast features Kevin Davies, PhD, John Sterling, Uduak Thomas, Alex Philippidis, Fay Lin, PhD, Jonathan Grinstein, PhD, and moderated by Corinna Singleman, PhD.
  • An opening keynote from David Liu, PhD (Broad Institute) on the state of programmable genome editing, including new research on large-fragment gene editing. 
  • A keynote conversation with Laura Sepp-Lorenzino, PhD (CSO Intellia) as her company advances a pair of landmark in vivo therapies in the clinic. 
  • Talks on two cutting-edge areas of CRISPR-related biology—a new mechanism of anti-phage immunity from Sam Sternberg, PhD (Columbia) and the world of anti-CRISPRs with Joe Bondy-Denomy, PhD (UCSF). 
  • The state of livestock gene editing—a panel discussion with Elena Rice, PhD (CSO, Genus plc) and Alison Van Eenennaam, PhD (UC Davis). 
  • A fireside chat with the co-founders of Tome Biosciences, Omar Abudayyeh, PhD and Jonathan Gootenberg, PhD (Harvard Medical School) on programmable genome engineering and more. 
  • A fireside chat with two leading genome engineers and co-founders of the non-profit Arc Institute—Patrick Hsu, PhD and Silvana Konermann, PhD
  • Breakout sessions hosted by the summit sponsors – Aldevron, MaxCyte and SeqWell. 
  • Closing remarks from The CRISPR Journal’s founding editorial team, Rodolphe Barrangou, PhD (Editor-in-Chief) and Kevin Davies, PhD (Executive Editor). 

Registration is free.

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Guest Speakers Include

The State of CRISPR and Gene Editing 2024 speakers
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