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Biopharma companies are witnessing a sea change in disease treatment and, in some cases, the development of cures due to the rapid pace of advances in cell and gene therapy. With currently 27 FDA-approved gene and cell therapy products and a plethora of candidates in development and clinical trials, gene and cell therapies are some of the fastest growing and financially attractive additions to the biomedical toolkit.

In The State of Cell and Gene Therapy 2024, GEN proudly brings together a group of luminaries from industry and academia to discuss the latest research developments, innovations, and disruptive technologies that are impacting patients’ lives today and will spur cell and gene therapies to bigger and better things tomorrow. Among the highlights in this summit are:

  • An opening keynote conversation with Peter Marks, MD, PhD (Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at the FDA)
  • A keynote presentation from gene therapy pioneer James Wilson, MD, PhD (UPenn)
  • A panel on cell and gene therapy manufacturing and automation with a trio of CEOs Fabian Gerlinghaus (Cellares), Alexis Rovner (64x Bio), and Nabiha Saklayen (Cellino)
  • Wide-ranging discussions on the state of cell and gene therapy with Kiran Musunuru, MD, PhD (UPenn/Verve Therapeutics), Adrian Woolfson MD, PhD (Replay)
  • An exclusive interview with sickle cell CRISPR trial pioneer, Victoria Gray!

Registration is free.

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Guest Speakers Include

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