Optimizing Nanoparticles and Messenger RNAs with Multiple “Tails”

Episode 14 (March 22, 2024): This week, the GEN editors cover identifying receptors and proteins for cellular uptake and intracellular processing of nanoparticles and a new mRNA structure by adding multiple “tails” to the molecules that boosted mRNA activity levels in cells by 5 to 20 times.

Featuring Jonathan D. Grinstein, PhD, (Senior Editor, GEN), Uduak Thomas (Senior Editor, GEN), and moderated by Fay Lin, PhD, (Senior Editor, GEN Biotechnology).

Listed below are key references to the GEN stories, media, and other items discussed in this episode of Touching Base:

Nanoparticle Uptake Screen Informs Nanomedicine Design
By GEN, March 19, 2024.

mRNA Therapeutics May Act Longer If Given Multiple Tails
By GEN, March 22, 2024