Alzheimer’s Disease, Monkey Cloning, Cytokinetics Stock; Jen Nwankwo

Episode 5 (January 19, 2024): RNAs to address Alzheimer’s disease; monkey cloned via somatic cell nuclear transfer; Cytokinetics stock roller coaster; an interview with founder and CEO of 1910 Genetics, Jen Nwankwo, PhD.

Listed below are key references to the GEN stories, media and other items discussed in this episode of Touching Base:

Alzheimer’s Disease Linked to Toxic Short RNAs
GEN, January 18, 2024.

 Rhesus Monkey Cloned via Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
GEN, January 16, 2024.

StockWatch: M&A Talk Fuels Cytokinetics Stock Roller Coaster
By Alex Philippidis, GEN Edge, January 16th, 2024.