GEN Magazine

March 2023 Vol. 43, No. 3

March, according to one poet, is the month of expectation—a time of uncertainty, prognostication, and joyful (if guarded) anticipation. Here at GEN, we concur. Our March issue is all about expectation. It captures the hopefulness that prevailed at AGBT 2023, an event that heralded the latest developments in next-generation sequencing, single-cell genomics, and spatial biology, justifying presentiments of more complete genomes and pangenomes. Our March issue also describes how things new and wondrous are unfolding in RNA therapeutics, cancer genomics, epigenetics, viral vector manufacturing, and single-cell proteomics. For example, in RNA therapeutics, new developments include circular RNA and self-replicating RNA. And in epigenetics, workflows are emerging that can sequence genetic and epigenetic bases at once. For more, read March GEN. (We will add, however, that it reports that stem cell transplantation may become a first-line therapy for multiple sclerosis—which is fitting, since March is multiple sclerosis awareness month.)

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