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August 1, Vol. 38, No. 14

Crohn’s and IBD mAbs

Bio-Rad Laboratories

These new anti-vedolizumab antibodies, which support research into the treatment of Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, include four recombinant anti-idiotypic mAbs that are highly specific for the humanized IgG1 kappa antibody drug, vedolizumab, and are suitable for the developmen...

Benchtop Flow Cytometer


The CellStream™ benchtop flow cytometry system is a compact, customizable flow cytometer that uses a camera for detection. Its unique optics system and design provide researchers with sensitivity and flexibility when analyzing cells and submicron particles. The system&rsquo...

Mouse IgG Assay

Roche CustomBiotech

The Cedex Bio and Cedex Bio HT Analyzer menu has been expanded to include automated quantification of Mouse IgG. The Mouse IgG Assay offers precise, accurate, and rapid access to mouse IgG titers (IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b) over a broad measurement range from 10 mg/L to 7.5 g/L, up to 150 g/L w...

Compact MALDI-TOF Instrument

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

The space-saving MALDI-8020 achieves performance specifications similar to those of larger, more expensive MALDI-TOF models but in a significantly smaller footprint. It improves laboratory efficiency and accelerates analysis through a newly designed load-lock system for rapid sample targ...

Western Blot Secondary Antibody


2view is a double-labeled, secondary antibody that enables extended detection within the widely used Western blot application. The product consists of a ternary complex developed using the company’s world-leading InnovaCoat and Lightning-Link technology. 2view secondary antibod...

Stem Cell Culture Medium

AMS Biotechnology

The StemFit® Basic03 clinical-grade stem cell culture medium for regenerative medicine is produced animal-origin-free and is ready for cell therapy applications. StemFit Basic03 is proven to provide highly stable and reproducible culture condition for iPSCs...

Automated UV-Visible Spectrophotometers

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Instruments from the Genesys UV-Vis spectrophotometer family are now available for industrial QA/QC technicians, instructors, and university researchers. The Genesys 50 features a simplified UI and a high-resolution, color touchscreen. The rugged exterior, built for repetitive and heavy ...

Cell Processing System

GE Healthcare Life Sciences

The Sefia S-2000 cell processing system is a multifunctional technology allowing operators the flexibility to conduct multiple cell therapy manufacturing steps with one instrument. When paired with dedicated software and disposable kits, the system enables operators to set the software t...

Preswollen Cellulose


IonSep DEAE-cellulose (diethylaminoethyl cellulose) and CM-cellulose (carboxymethyl cellulose) are preswollen ion-exchange media specially formulated for ease of use and high binding capacities. DEAE-cellulose is a weak anion-exchange resin with a protein-loading capacity of 550&ndas...

High-Capacity Evaporator


The Rocket Evaporator has a high-volume sample capacity and unique technology that eliminates cross-contamination due to sample bumping. Additionally, the new system has automated monitoring of temperature and pressure to prevent sample degradation. Employing SampleGenie™ techn...

Microscope Stage

Applied Scientific Instrumentation

The AV-25000 Flat-Top Extended Travel Stage is designed for the Zeiss Axio Observer microscope. The stage travels 250 mm in the x-axis and 110 mm in the y-axis. It accepts either 160 x 110 or 283 x 110 stages inserts. It also offers encoder resolution of 22 nm and speeds up to 7 mm/sec w...

Integrated Fluorimeter


The FWS Fluorimeter is a rapid fluorimeter for use in a wide range of applications. Specifically, the FWS Fluorimeter integrates the Mighty Light, a tungsten halogen lamp, with the Flexible Wavelength Selector to provide a high-power, tunable, monochromatic beam for excitation. The detec...

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