Infographic: The Rise of Biotech

It’s undeniably a good time to be in the biotech industry

Did you know that the global biotechnology market is expected to reach $727.1 billion by 2025?

In the UK alone, the biotech industry is booming. With the number of R&D companies increasing 65% since 2016 amid soaring annual investment of more than £2 billion, and the government selecting life sciences as one of its industries to support as part of its industrial strategy, it might not be an industry you had realized was on the rise. To draw light on how this industry is progressing, we have created a graphic to show the biggest players in biotech.

The infographic below by RS Components reveals the amount of money that has been spent on biotech acquisitions since 1998 and just how many acquisitions have been made over the years, as well as the businesses that have acquired the most companies in the industry.

The Rise of Biotech Infographic

As we can see in the graphs and data above, it’s undeniably a good time to be in the biotech industry. Despite seeing a dip in 2017, 2018 turned out to be the biggest year for biotech venture capital on record and, with big companies such as Roche making big investments in the industry (33 so far) we shouldn’t expect it to slow down – we should expect it to make a worldwide impact, if the industry is able to reach its full potential.

Next year and in the years to come, we may also start to see new large companies joining the ranks and acquiring biotech and biopharma startups. As technology continues to advance, and more and more elements of industries – such as healthcare – start to incorporate biotechnological products into their work, the future of biotech is certainly positive.

A pdf of supporting data can be found here.

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