How’s the Biotechnology Business? A Conversation with Chris Garabedian, Brad Loncar, and Daphne Zohar

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, three avid watchers of the biotechnology industry with entrepreneurial, investment, and startup support experience got together to launch “Biotech Clubhouse,” an audio live-stream review of the week’s biotechnology news—including government decisions, deals, data, and broader trends—with plenty of hot takes on the hottest stories.

As co-hosts of the program, Chris Garabedian, CEO of Xontogeny, Brad Loncar, CEO of Loncar Investments, and Daphne Zohar, founder and CEO of PureTech Health, attracted many of the industry’s leaders as listeners every Sunday.

In this conversation with GEN’s Kevin Davies, PhD, and Alex Philippidis, the co-hosts discuss their approach to their program, the state of the markets, and emerging technologies such as gene therapy and RNA-based vaccines. Shortly after this conversation was recorded, the trio paused “Biotech Clubhouse” and then re-launched their program on Twitter Spaces as “Biotech Hangout,” with a bench of regular co-hosts and guests and a new day and time—Fridays at 3 pm ET.