Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Easy to use, tutorials and demonstration videos are available

Weak Points: The new version of the website is still in beta testing


The common fruit fly, Drosophila melan­ogaster, is an important model organism, particularly in neuroscience research. The Virtual Fly Brain is an excellent resource for researchers who need to closely ex­amine the fly’s neuroanatomy. Users can select an area from an image of an adult fly brain to discover more information about it, including a detailed description of the area, any synonyms used to describe it, and links to references. There is also a search feature for users who know the name of their brain region of interest but not its location. Additionally, image and template data are available for download. The current website only includes information for the adult fly brain, but an updated version including larval information is currently in testing and available for users to peruse. The Virtual Fly Brain is an excellent resource for neuroscientists using Drosophila to interrogate the structure and function of the brain.

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