PhET Interactive Simulations    

Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Simulations run well; all simulations are free to use and cover a wide variety of topics.

One of the easiest ways to demonstrate novel concepts to students is through hands-on demonstrations. However, bringing the science lab into the classroom can be difficult, if not impossible, for many subjects. That’s where PhET Interactive Simulations come in. The website, developed by a team based at the University of Colorado at Boulder, contains over one hundred simulations that cover topics in physics, chemistry, math, earth science, and biology. Each simulation runs in your browser window and includes additional resources such as recommendations for the lesson, related activities submitted by other teachers, and sample learning goals. All simulations on the PhET website are open-access and completely free to use. In addition to the simulations themselves, the website provides additional resources for teachers, including tips on getting started with the site and a database of teacher-submitted classroom activities. The PhET Interactive Simulations website is an excellent resource for educators looking to incorporate hands-on examples into their lesson plans.

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