miRDB—MicroRNA Target Prediction Database

Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Site is well-organized; includes list of known miRNAs in two species.

MicroRNAs are important regulators of gene expression. However, predicting when and where miRNAs will exert their effects can limit research on these interesting molecules. The MicroRNA Target Prediction Database, or miRDB, aims to bridge that gap. The miRDB allows users to search for predicted miRNA targets and returns results based on sophisticated algorithms that have been validated with experimental data. Users can start by searching for either miRNA names or gene targets. The website returns miRNAs likely to target that specific gene, and ranks each miRNA based on a computed prediction score. In addition to searching for individual genes and miRNAs, users can also mine information for multiple genes simultaneously, search for predicted miRNA expression levels, and browse through a list of known functional miRNAs in humans and mice. miRDB is a great bioinformatics tool for genetics researchers looking into these regulatory molecules.

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