Kinase Profiling

Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Database is expansive and easy to search.

Weak Points: No option available to download or save screening results.

The Kinase Profiling Inhibitor Database, from the MRC Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit’s International Centre for Kinase Profiling, is an excellent tool for learning about a specific kinase inhibitor’s effect on different kinases. The website contains specificity data for over 55,000 kinase inhibitors, arranged into an easy-to-search database. Each entry in the database provides the inhibitor’s common name, alternative names, molecular formula and weight, PubChem ID, action, and associated references. The page for each inhibitor goes deeper into screen results, with both charts and tables tracking the percent activity remaining for a large number of tested kinases. Each screening result also includes information about the percent activity remaining at different screening concentrations. The Kinase Profiling Inhibitor Database is a great resource for examining the impact of numerous kinase inhibitors on a variety of kinases.

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