Google Tech Dev Guide


Google Tech Dev Guide

Rating: Very Good.

Strong Points: Numerous types of interactive resources and career advice.

Weak Points: Numerous types of interactive resources and career advice.

There are a million resources on the web for improving your coding skills, several of which have been written about in this column before. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all and just want to get started on the basics, or if you’re thinking about making a transition into tech, check out Google’s Tech Dev Guide. The guide compiles numerous programming resources around the web into one place, with a particular focus on computer science basics and moving into a tech career. The resources run the gamut from introductory videos to short quizzes to full interactive coding projects covering a range of languages. The career section offers useful advice regarding searching for jobs, examples of common software problems posed to candidates, and tips on how to nail your interview. Google’s Tech Dev Guide is a great resource for the beginning coder just trying to get a sense of the field and for seasoned programmers looking to move into the job market.

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